Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scooter, Zhu Zhu pets and Beth Moore

A got a scooter for her birthday from her grandparents. She loves to ride it around the downstairs. Her little snow white costume is a hand-me-down from her cousin.

A recently discovered Zhu Zhu pets when she got one as a birthday gift from a friend from church. She loved it so much that we got her a pink and white one with some birthday money. I searched all over and could not find "Jilly", so I ended up ordering it off of

I also ordered "So Long, Insecurity—you have been a bad friend to us" by Beth Moore. It is being shipped separately, and I hope to get it in a week—can't wait to read it!

A putting her Zhu Zhu pets to bed!


Bridgit said...

my newly turned 6 yr old rec'd Jilly for her b-day ...and now ...I must find one for my 3 yr old :-)

javier said...
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Brandy Jiang said...

wow,so cute.

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