Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thrifty shopping for Amanda

I have seen so many cute monogrammed things on other blogsites and decided that I wanted to get Amanda some monogrammed clothes. My first stop was Ebay. I was the highest bidder (2nd bid) and got this cute dress for $9.99! I typed in "Amanda monogram" into the search engine and up came this dress!

Amanda loved it! It came with a matching bow with an "A" monogrammed on it.

Here is an adorable dress that my mother-in-law made for Amanda for next summer.

Here is another great Ebay find. Again, I typed in "Amanda monogram" and up came this dress. The reason it came up is because it was made by a children's clothing company named "Amanda Remembered". I did some research on the etiquette of monogramming. When you use one letter, it came be the first letter of someone's first or last name.  The "F" was perfect. I was the only bidder and got the dress for $12.99!

This will look nice on Amanda at Christmastime.

I also love to go to Children's consignment sales. My favorite website to find sales in Atlanta is  One day when I was going to meet and pick up Amanda from her grandparents in Cumming, I stopped at a sale and found this cute Christmas dress for $7.00! It is by "Rare Editions" and still has the price tags on it for $34.99. I got a great deal!


Three Girls and a Daddy said...

I am a huge fan of ebay...I have found so many boutique style clothing at rock bottom prices! I'm also doing some "L" monograms so that Sarah Anne can wear them when Caroline is done. :)

Mommy said...

Awesome! I love these dresses and I can't wait to buy myself some dresses when I no longer am feeding Trinity. I just did a search Trinity monogram and nothing...I guess that's what I get for naming her Trinity :-) I love that Christmas dress and haven't run across any good Christmas dresses yet for my pumpkin at a consignment sale that wasn't out of date.

M. Steve Heartsill said...

Consignment sales are great...ebay is good...yard sales are even better...

Our son is 8 months old now and almost all of his clothes came from yard sales...and they are practically all new!