Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Poor Buddy!

Well, I usually don't post these kind of things, but Buddy got attacked by a dog that lives behind us this summer. Amanda, Buddy and I were playing in the backyard when it happened. When I saw the dog making a mad dash into our yard, I immediately scooped Amanda up and ran into the house with her. She is my first concern whenever I see this dog running into our yard. Buddy has been attacked by this same dog at least six times. Once Buddy was attacked by this dog while we were out on a walk, and I got caught in the middle! It was terrible!  His wounds from this last attack got infected even though I did everything I could think of to keep the wounds clean. I had to take him to the vet so that he could get an antibiotic prescription.

 I have approached the homeowner several times and he has alway told me that it would not happen again. This last attack was the last straw. I would be devasted if something happened to Amanda. I drove all the way to Winder to file a complaint with Animal Control. The owner was cited for 3 violations because of my complaint. He appeared in court and plead "not guilty" saying that he was not home when the attack happened. I found out from Gwinnett County courts that this dog has a long history of problems and that he has even attacked a women. 

Then last week I received a subpoena requiring that I appear in court as a witness On October 2. We will see what happens ... 

UPDATE: I got a called late Wednesday from the attorney handling the case. She told me that I no longer needed to appear in court because the owner of the dog was going to make a plea to the judge. I said, "A plea of guilty?" She said it would be a plea of "no contest". So to make a long story short, I called on Friday to find out what happened. The owner must have been found guilty because he has to surrender his dog within 10 days. That means the dog will be put to sleep! I feel terrible about that. But because this dog has a long history of problems, I would be devastated if he were to attack Amanda.

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Three Girls and a Daddy said...

I would have done the same thing that you did in this situation. If you don't stand up and protect Amanda, who will? You did the right thing. :)