Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall Tour of our Home Part 1

I love to decorate for fall and Christmas, so I am doing a fall tour of my home via my blogsite. Here it goes ... above is a wreath that I made for the front door.

Here is the whole front porch decked out for fall with my sweet pumpkin right in the center!

Here is my Southern Living at Home Dress-Me-Up Plate. I changed out the ribbon for fall. I painted the topiary and stone motif directly onto the wall a few years ago when I was playing around with faux finishing the living room.

This is what is in the hallway.

Here is our fireplace and mantle.

I just put up these little birdie iron things a few weeks ago that I got at Touchsone. I couldn't decide what to fill the glass vases with — but I knew grapevine balls and little pumpkins would be perfect for fall! For Christmas I will put berries and pinecones. I don't know what I will do for spring and summer?

Here is the one on the other side.

Here is a candle mantle piece that I got at Touchstone Catalog Outlet for next to nothing.

Here are a few decorative things that I put next to the fireplace. Amanda has already claimed the pumpkin basket and has been carrying it around like a purse.

I love the pumpkin spice candle that my former supervisor's wife gave to me a while back. I cannot believe it has lasted this long! I also have a metal candle ring and oil called "Harvest" from Crabtee & Evelyn that I have on a light bulb. It makes the whole downstairs smell so good! Last year I experimented with hot glueing cinnamon sticks around a candle, and it came out pretty good!

Here is a table in the dining room with more candles and picture frames. I got the Halloween candles for 50 cents each and the handpainted runner for $1.00 at Touchstone Catalog Outlet.
What a bargain! Can you tell the Touchstone is my favorite store? I have been going there for years.

Here is my little helper with her stash of smarties!

I decide to rearrange about our hutch since we moved it to another spot in our living room.

Here is one of Amanda's paintings that reminded me of fall.

I have a couple of more photos of the dining room and kitchen tables that I would like to post when I have a chance.  Be on the lookout for Part 2!

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