Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Daytona Beach Day 3

Amanda had fun at the kiddie pool! My mom got her this swim suit with the floaties built into it.

Ready to go out to dinner with friends Lynda and Gary.

We went over to Lynda and Gary's house after dinner. They live in a fly-in community in Port Orange called Spruce Creek. The hanger that houses their plane is built right into their house – just like a garage. 

Spruce Creek was John Travolta's former fly-in home but apparently his Boeing 747 was a little too big and noisy for the neighbors.

The airstrip is right behind Lynda and Gary's house. How neat to taxi your plane right out of your garage to the airstrip and take off!

Here is a plane fixing to take off.

Bob, Lynda, Gary and Amanda

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