Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Father's Day and Birthday!

I am glad that Amanda and I got to be with you on Father's Day
and your birthday! We love you!


Anonymous said...

hi! welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting and entering to win! you have a great blog! what a beautiful family :)

i update every weekday and have a giveaway every friday! so be sure to visit back soon!

The Pink Potpourri said...

sorry...i posted that other comment logged in under my hubby's account :)

Kelly M said...

Natasha, how funny I came across your blog today totally randomly! We should get our kids together either at the pool or the playground sometime soon! Here is our blog!
email me!
Hope to see you sometime soon!

Mr. C said...

Thanks for driving all the way to Nashville. It was a perfect birthday and Father's day. Come back soon!