Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Babyland General Hospital

This week Bob's parents are hosting a cousins reunion.
Several of Amanda's cousins are in town, and we are going
to a different place just about everyday this week. Yesterday
we had fun visiting the Babyland General Hospital (in Cleveland,
GA) where Cabbage Patch babies are born. We saw two babies
being born. One was a "branch" (breach) delivery.

We then headed to Helen, GA and went on a 3 hour tube ride
down the river. Amanda and I were in separate tubes that were
connected. She was a little scared and said, "I would quite rather
be walking on the side of the river". She got off about halfway into
the ride when she saw Grandma and Grandpa on the bank.

After that we headed to Anna Ruby Falls. We had a picnic lunch and
then hiked up to the falls. Pictures to come ...

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