Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

The best present of the day was waking up
to a sweet little voice saying, "Happy Mother's
Day". The long wait to have a child was worth it.
Amanda has been such a blessing!

She is growing up so fast. It seems like it was
just yesterday that she was a newborn, and now
she is 3.

Here we are after church.

My mom got this dress for Amanda last year.

I stayed up late Saturday night and made yellow rice and
chicken, black beans, green peas, salad, french bread and
sweet iced tea for Sunday lunch. For dessert, Mary made
my favorite dessert—Cuban Flan.

Lunch was a big hit. And everyone was glad that we did
not have to wait at least an hour for a table at a restaurant!

Amanda and Grandma are trying out some new googles to
use at the swimming pool this summer.

After everyone left, Amanda and I worked in the garden
pulling weeds and caught some bugs. We had fun!

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