Friday, May 30, 2008

A LIttle Work and a Little Fun

I started working on a new campaign and logo in Feb.
called "Kingdom Women". This is a new initiative from the
International Mission Board inspiring women to embrace
God’s heart for the world He created and the peoples He loves.

On Wed. Sherri and I drove to South Carolina for an
overnight retreat and planning time at the Hemphill home.

The Team: Me (designer), Sherri (writer)
and Paula (Women's Mobilization Consultant)

This is an ad promoting the "Kingdom Women"
e-newsletter. We are working on the first one which
will be sent out in July.

Look at their beautiful gardens!

We went on a walk ... I would love to see
this everyday!

Their daughter Tina planted a lot of the flowers in these
gardens. It was so beautiful! I worked with Tina at the IMB
back in 1999. She is a very talented artist!


The Carswells said...

Hi Natasha! I am so glad you introduced yourself. It's nice to meet you, at least online!
Your blog is great! I couldn't believe your last post had Ken and Paula Hemphill's picture. I haven't seen them in a long time. Your pictures from PCB were great. Looks like you all had a wonderful trip. I'm so glad! We were actually down there too, along with my sister and her family. We just love it.
Hope you have a great summer.
God Bless,

hayden said...

These pictures are really beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!! :)