Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Purple Sandels

Amanda's purple sandels that her Aunt
Carla bought her caused quite a stir this
morning. Amanda was very upset because
I would not let her wear them to preschool.
I explained to her that she would be slipping
and sliding around all day if she wore them.
She was very upset! Here she is on the front
steps after school with her beloved sandels.

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Apprentice To Jesus said...

Hi my friend! Thanks for posting on my blog!
I can't believe how your daughter has grown!
I was thinking how her insistence on having her way is so human. Many adults still have childish fits when their will is thwarted. Jesus calls us to surrender this right to Him. I have been amazed that with Jesus, when I surrender my to Him, He provides in its place that which is far more wonderful. This is grace!
I have another post up today, and am contemplating a second!
This evening I go to prison to present Jesus to about 250 men. I have more fun at this than almost anything I do.
I love your blog. Keep up the work and witness!