Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bubbles, babies and taxes

My friend Michelle had a baby girl named
Trinity on Saturday morning, and my friend
McKenzie had a baby boy named Hudson on
Sunday morning. I can't wait to see both of
theses new babies!

We had an uneventful weekend mostly due
to me being sick, and Bob trying to get the
taxes finished.

Bob bought TurboTax and then realized it
would not work on his Mac operating system
(10.3). He contemplated upgrading his system
but in the end he loaded the software onto my
computer which has the latest Mac OS X system
(10.5) He then spent all of Saturday working on taxes
and also retyping in information that would have
automatically come up on his computer from
previous years. Not fun!

Amanda and I sorted and packed up all of her
winter clothes. One bin was for clothes that don't fit
anymore and the other was for clothes that might fit
this fall and winter. Then we hung up all of her summer
clothes and organized her closet. It wasn't too hard though
since my mom gave us a head start on organizing Amanda's
closet while she was visiting us.

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