Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fun with Christmas presents

Amanda got some neat paintbrushes with the paint already in the brush for Christmas. She had fun painting tonight. She has her own "paint" shirt and pants for craft time!

One of Amanda's favorite Christmas presents was one that cost the cheapest. Everything that she got was brand new except for this barbie doll house. I was thrilled when I saw it at a local thrift store for $7.00.  It looked brand new! I cannot believe that I saw this same barbie house on ebay for $99.00 used. Bob wanted me to sell it and make a profit. I said no way! 


Bethany said...

Cool paintbrushes! I'm sure that my mom wishes that she had that around when we were kids...:) Amanda's barbie house is awesome! $7.00!! WOW!

dennisanddanielle said...

I saw that same house at my local thrift store too for a great price! I have found amazing toys ( at great - some NEW - condition at this place!)
Isn't great to find such great buys! I get all excited when I find lil' treasure like that!